The Hepcat (the_hepcat) wrote,
The Hepcat

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It's all good

I have decided that the small cat is not so bad. In fact, he makes me look rather cute.

The fleshy thing behind us is an arm and a leg of the val. We were all sitting on the sofa after chasing the red light thing. The val has it, and she makes a red light that we have to catch.
The pharoah (that is the small cat) does not realize it is controlled by the val. Me, I am in Advanced Optics. I know that there is not another cat in the mirror, and that the light comes from the small pen in the val's hand. I am a smart kitty.
Her friend came over. He smelled like cat, but not one of us. They took the pharoah somewhere then brought him back. The little red light game is so addictive.
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