The Hepcat (the_hepcat) wrote,
The Hepcat

I hate Cap'n Crunch

It's a fickle day. First, the val was asleep. Then, she was awake. First, I was cuddly. Then, I was irritable. Then I was aloof, then I was cuddly again, then I chased a ball all over the house and got into the trash. Now I'm bitey and loud.

See, I hate Cap'n Crunch. There's a big box of it over here, and I hate it. I hate the box. And I hate the Cap'n. I'm going to kill him while the val sleeps. Right now I'm just toying with him, with my claws of doom. But later I shall kill him with my face.

He would kill me first if he had the chance. I hate him.
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